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There are many internet marketing opportunities to consider.

Search Engines and Directory websites: Search engine spiders are tasked to find websites, manual submission is not necessary - 'Spider friendly' websites linked to from other websites will be found by spiders and the website will appear in listings in various search engines. Directory sites generally need to be manually submitted to in order for you to receive a listing. Most surfers find websites through search engines or directories, so it is important to have a presence in both.

Paid Listings and PPC pay per click advertising: You can pay for submission to various search engines, however this is not a guarantee of inclusion - Yahoo is and example. Search engines and directory sites often show sponsored / paid for listings before free ones. These are ways of increasing traffic to a commercial site, careful monitoring needs to be in operation and 'stop spend' targets placed onto bidding so that you can carefully monitor conversion. There is no point running a Pay per click campaign for advertising if it does not convert into revenue. Google adwords, Espotting and Overture run big pay per click advertising platforms and the exposure id huge.

Advertising by Affiliate Schemes: An Affiliate is when a website offers third party sites (affiliate websites) a commission for sending traffic to them. Affiliate Schemes offer an excellent way of building up traffic and increasing sales as commission is paid after the sale has been executed - it is rather like having a team of sales men on commission only - the added bonus is that you don't even have to speak to them! There are incentivised by increasing traffic and sales to you. The affiliate works hard to market your product and they would commission on sales only.

There are many specialist companies that run affiliate schemes and payment and counting of sales executed will be calculated by them (as a third party) this protects both the website owner and the affiliate site owner.

Specialist niche market marketing:
Scottish holiday cottages is an area of speciality, and we have devised a way of holiday cottage owners to increase their revenue and advertise their cottage for a minimal price. You can advertise alongside other quality holiday cottages in your region of Scotland and be found by people searching every-day. Being listed on www.scotland-holiday-cottage.com leaves you in control of your bookings, and 'free' to advertise elsewhere - if you want to. This is one of the most cost effective ways to gain internet (world wide web) exposure to any holiday property in Scotland. With an excess of 900,000 holiday cottage sites trying to get a good search engine position, you are better to be part of the pack at the top than risk not being seen!

Due to the successful advertising of Scottish holiday cottages, we have expanded and formed The Which Cottage Group which advertises holiday homes throughout UK and Ireland, allowing browsers to find suitable places to stay for their self-catering vacation.

Another niche market is houses for sale in Scotland. You can advertise a property for sale amongst other quality houses for sale in Scotland at: www.simply-exclusive.com. Feature houses include 3 quality country houses for sale in Perthshire.

5th Gear advise on and operate affiliate schemes for niche products: - we are happy to look at and advise a campaign for products. The expectation between internet traffic results and costs are a much deliberated subject - Our schemes operate a pay on sales generated policy, we generally take a commission fee on converted sales keeping us motivated and your site performing.

5th Gear 'keep it simple' and clients know where they are
Pay on results - not results no fee - everyone is happy.
No promises, we just deliver.

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