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Web pages are designed to download fast, they are tested for quick loading on a 56k modem internet connection and on monitors of varying sizes. Highly effective optimization techniques are used to assist Search Engine Spiders to effectively crawl all the targeted marketing information on our websites. We program the pages to ensure that strategic information is more visible to the Search Engine spiders.

Website Marketing Design: Good website design means excellent communication with the audience. Website Design and search engine optimisation (SEO) are essential components to a successful e-commerce solution. We use techniques that balance the use of search engine optmisation with visually design. Content is the most important factor, all sites are well written about the business topic page content is meaningful and relevant our experienced copy writers 'cut to the chase' on this - quality not quantity is what counts.

Optimisation and formatting of all digital photography and illustration graphics: - Digital Image and pictures JPEG / GIF (Web Optimised) formats
We custom design our illustrations and graphics and images are scaled to the requirement of the design and are optimised to 72 dpi for minimum download time without compromising on the quality of the picture seen on the screen. Digital images can be used on Web Sites and other applications such as e-mail projects where the low resolution is also beneficial.

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